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We are great people, lovers of life, passionate of what we do. Tour guides, tourism experts, bike activists and adventure travellers. Between us we have it all to make your travel experiences a memory of a life time.

Cycling Tours

Quito Bike Tours® is the first company in Quito to run urban bicycle tours. We pride ourselves on positive activism and sustainable tourism. We are passionate about doing things ethically whilst having fun. We want to share this beautiful UNESCO heritage city with you!

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Travel Experiences

Awesome Tours and Experiences: Do you want to feel, see, taste and learn about Ecuador? Then join us on one of our day/ multi-day tours, privately or in a group. Contact Us! We know how to make your travel discovery and adventures unique.

Our Story and Journey So far

Quito Bike Tours & Travel Experiences in 2021-22 went through a restructure. These were tough years, as in many parts of the world. Catalina Leiva took this on single-handedly as the sole director who with her trusted advisors and tour guides, who share her same vision and passion, have ensured that the world gets to see the small but wonderfully diverse country of Ecuador on foot, bike or transport. Catalina works with her team to contribute to local and national tourism, encouraging all that is inclusive providing responsible activities and experiences. Passion gives birth to passion. Bigger, better, stronger, Quito Bike Tours and Travel Experiences continues to get many accolades and positive reviews on a number of platforms. For Catalina, the sky is the limit, as she believes that the only way is up!
Quito Bike Tours & Travel Experiences grew in 2019 into more than just a tour company offering cycling tours. When you are on to a good thing stick to it. The vision contained the same passion but would take the company to another level, this time incorporating more than 20 years of experience in the tourism industry in both Ecuador and around the world. The business expanded to became a travel agency and adventure hub. It continued with the bike tours but also provided a range of great travel experiences in Quito and Ecuador.
Quito Bike Tours started in 2018 with a passion and a vision to show the world the phenomenal views of Quito on a bike. How could bikes, travel and amazing views and culture not be a great mix? “Why not show Quito’s awesome places, culture and insights whilst cycling in and around the city?” And thus, Quito Bike Tours was born! That mix that would leave most visitors in awe. Quito is not just the world acclaimed UNESCO Historical Centre but much, much more!

Our Mission

To have fun, learn and be happy ever after! To showcase Ecuador and Quito’s amazing history and culture, whilst promoting the use of bicycles in the city, contributing to the mobility and sustainability of the people and the environment. As Quito gets into the groove of cycling and using bikes as a serious means of transportation, the time is ripe to jump on the bandwagon and make this spectacular town more bike-friendly and accessible to locals and foreigners alike. It’s time to ... Ride On! We want you to experience the real Ecuador and connect with the people thus providing you an experience of a lifetime. From Travellers to Travellers Join us and Explore this wonderful country. Quito Bike Tours & Travel Experiences

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