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Getting away from Quito at Hacienda Sierra Alisos

Escape from Quito to experience the countryside Sierra Alisos is a unique and picturesque hacienda in Tambillo, in the foothills of Mount Atacazo, and only a 50-minute car-ride away from Ecuador’s busy capital Quito. It gets its name from the … Read More

Vegan Quito … off the beaten track experiences

Quito is ruffling her feathers and the shackles of conservatism are slowly being shaken off. Quito wants to show you that she has changed and that she’s not the gal she was ten years ago. Quito is coming into her own. She’s the veritable Phoenix Rising. And she is rising in many, many ways. Enter vegan food and vegan eats! … Read More

Quito Bike Tours hits the road

A new bike company hits La Floresta, Quito!
A company that believes in sustainable practice, treating people ethically and showing their clients what an amazingly cool city Quito is. Who are we? What do we do? Please say hello to Quito Bike Tours ®, the first company in Ecuador’s capital to run urban bicycle tours in the city. … Read More

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