Quito's first urban cycling tour company is here!

Welcome to the first Quito Bike Tours blog post! We want to wish you all a brilliant 2019, full of happiness and bike rides. So, here’s our story.
Quito Bikes
Quito Bike Tours’ Green Cycling Machines, La Floresta .

A new bike company hits La Floresta, Quito

A company that believes in sustainable practice, treating people ethically and showing their clients what an amazingly cool city Quito is. Who are we? What do we do?  Please say hello to Quito Bike Tours ®, the first company in Ecuador’s capital to run urban bicycle tours in the city.

What?  Nobody was doing this before you guys?” We have heard this a few times since starting our company a few months back. But let’s take you back a little, so you can come on the journey with us. Let us tell you all about who we are and how we started Quito Bike Tours.

24-speed urban bike made by Fulgur Urban Bicycles, especially for Quito’s terrain.

How it all started

The idea of urban bike tours in Quito started in 2016 when four friends got together to talk about our passion for bikes, travel and Quito! Lots of chatting and idea sharing went backwards and forwards for a few years, but it was in February 2018 that we decided to execute this unique project. From there we immediately started to work on market research, branding, design and product development. 

We all agreed that Quito is so much more that just the historical centre and the middle of the world, and that we therefore needed to offer a different experience. One of us said, “Why not show Quito’s awesome places, culture, street art, foods and insights whilst cycling in and around the city?” And thus … Quito Bike Tours was born in July of 2018!

Who are the co-founders?

Ecuadorian-born Alex and Ombretta, who hails from Australia, are passionate about travel, tourism and showing off Ecuador and Quito to the rest of the world. We have, between us, visited some 95 countries and have been travel blogging since 2007. Veryitchyfeet.com started off as a storytelling site where we wanted to share our journey with family and friends. Now it’s open to the world to showcase this amazing world that we live in. Go on, take a peek! 

Alex & Ombi at Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island, Chile.

We believe that Ecuador is a very underrated South American country, yet for such a small country it is one of the most bio-diverse places on earth. From Quito, the capital, you are no more than a day’s drive from most places, including the Amazonian jungle, a snow swept ascent of an active volcano, our many indigenous culture and people or even tropical beach. Back to Quito, amongst many other things it has the best-preserved historical centre in all of the Americas. So, why not cycling tours?

Andrea & Ombi … Are You Ready!

Enter  Quito-born Fernando and Andrea, co-founders of Fulgur Urban Bicycles, in the La Floresta neighbourhood. Fulgur Bikes is the first urban bicycle shop in Quito. They custom-build their own bikes, tailoring them to the specifications of their clients and Quito’s terrain, which is both high and hilly. As the area attracts lots of visitors, and due to their excellent English, they have also been known to fix a foreigner’s bike or two! They are passionate about using bikes as a means of transport, people who value sustainability, activists, fluent in English and Italian and lovers of their hometown Quito. 


Building and painting our customised bikes.

A new company needs to build a new team

In April 2018, the four of us began our quest to open the first urban cycling company in the city of Quito. Opening up a company the ‘right way’ can be hard, with lots of hoops to jump through, lots of paperwork to fill in and lots of having to do things again because they supposedly weren’t done things properly the first time.  I believe that’s called bureaucracy! But the four of us persisted. 

We ensured that everything was in order; permits, licenses and selecting our amazing team, guides and volunteers. Our guides are all professional, licensed, registered and speak English and Spanish. Our volunteers are avid bike riders and bicycle activists. Together, we want you to love Quito as much as we do.

Guides, volunteers and co-founders … we are the team.

Tours & Bike Rentals

Do You Love Cycling? If the answer is yes, then ride with us to explore Quito on a bike whilst discovering its history, culture, street art and local food. You’ll definitely meet great people and make new friends!

At the moment we run two tours, Explore Urban Quito on a Bike and Quito Cultural City Tour by Bike. Whilst they both explore the city, the former takes you through verdant parks, the Botanical Garden and shows you a part of modern Quito where the latter is more about cultural immersion, where you get to meet local artisans and see some funky street art. In both tours, you get to sample some local drinks and fare, as well get to view the city from some lovely vantage points. We have both group and private (groups of two or one) options. We can also customise a tour to your specifications … just ask us!

But that’s not all!  We have bicycle rentals too.  Need a bike for half a day? Need it for a month?  Something in-between? Take your pick.

Some of the street art you get to see on the Cultural City Tour. Street Art by Apitatan.

All of our bikes have been custom-built by Andrea and Fernando in the Fulgur Bikes workshop, to suit Quito’s terrain. With 24 gears, you shouldn’t have any trouble at all. We decided on a limey-green colour, which to us signifies firstly sustainability and secondly the outdoors. They all have a funky wooden box at the back to put things in.  We also currently have a sticker on the back saying ‘Comparte la via’ or ‘Share the road’. These messages will change from time to time, as a means of education. We wanted to give the bikes an urban feel. I think we got that pretty right.

We are Quito Bike Tours and we are ready to hit the road! La Cleta Bici Café, La Floresta

Who do we work with?

We also believe that it’s important to give as well as receive.  We have a page called ‘Friends of Quito Bike Tours’. They are local people and businesses who are willing to share an experience with our clients and visitors and who provide them with a discount for partaking in one of our tours or bike rentals.  We don’t expect anything in return. We simply like to connect with and help people. What goes around comes around. That’s how we roll at Quito Bike Tours.

QBT From cyclist to cyclists

 Because we love what we do

When you are passionate about and love what you do, it’s not hard to deliver a high quality product. From humble beginnings, we envisage an awesome future, where both locals and foreigners alike, can come learn about and experience one of the world’s hidden gems, and a city we all love deeply. Quito awaits you … on a bike!

The co-founders of QBT … loving life … on a bike!
Our Mission!
To have fun, learn and be happy ever after! To showcase Ecuador and Quito’s amazing history and culture, whilst promoting the use of bicycles in the city, contributing to the mobility and sustainability of the people and the environment.
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Quito Bike Tours – cycling the heart of the world

Ombretta Zanetti

Co-Founder | Blogger

Written by Ombretta Zanetti 

She is one of the co-founders of Quito Bike Tours and veryitchyfeet.com. She has been travelling the world since 1989 and has visited almost 95 countries. Ombretta (or Ombi) shares her passion for different cultures, people, their environments and of course for her beloved Quito and Ecuador. She considers herself an honorary Quiteña (person from Quito). She speaks English, Spanish and Italian fluently. 

Photos: Alex, Fernando y Ombi

Does this look like fun?

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