The Team

Awesome people, lovers of life, unique personalities, bike activists and adventure travellers. Between us we have it all! We will show you how to discover Quito on a bike and ensure that you have a great time and a ‘wow’ experience! The Quito Bike Tours Team will show you how to rock Quito on a bike!

Our Mission

To have fun, learn and be happy ever after! To showcase Ecuador and Quito’s amazing history and culture, whilst promoting the use of bicycles in the city, contributing to the mobility and sustainability of the people and the environment.

Our Team

We all love adventure, we all love culture and we all love bike riding. Do you love cycling? If the answer is yes, then ride with us to explore Quito whilst discovering its history, culture and food. You’ll definitely meet great people and make new friends!

Carlos Gallegos

Quito Lover – Tour Guide
Carlos was born and raised in Quito. He loves everything about his city; its history, its culture and its gastronomy. Carlos is a ‘Quiteño’ through and through. He loves working with people of all ages, and has even spent some years working as an English teacher with kids. When he’s not working he enjoys spending time with his two dogs, running with them in parks or even just walking in the city . Carlos can often be found riding his bike in the city or leading tourists around his favorite Quito sites or pubs..

Jorge Bustillos

Adventure Seeker – Tour Guide
Jorge is a Tourism Engineer and a professional National Guide (like all of our guides). From a young age he has always been passionate about nature and extreme sports. This is what led him to pursue a career in tourism and environmental preservation. He loves Quito, the city where he was born and raised, and exploring every corner of all of its neighbourhoods. He has been showing travellers his ‘magical and interesting’ Ecuador for more than six years now. He wants them to see, experience and share the riches of his country.

Esteban Brborich

Bike Lover – Tour Guide
Esteban is an urban cyclist and tour guide from Quito. He has worked with people of all ages and nationalities. He loves to ride his bicycle anywhere, anytime and has experience riding in different cities all over Ecuador. He believes that the best way to learn about a new place is by bike, as it's easy to surf the the traffic jams, you get a different perspective of the city and you get to places that cars don’t get to go! He loves Quito's culture and diversity and wants to show it to you! He can be seen around the city playing bike polo, visiting a museum or library or just enjoying the nightlife of Quito ... on a bike!

Esteban Guaña

Cyclist Extraordinaire – Volunteer
Native to Quito, Esteban became passionate about his bike and strengthening his love for nature and the protection of animals from an early age. Also from a young age, he began to share his passion for cycling with other people, which made him join and ride with various groups of people who shared his passion. He has also taught children how to cycle. His red bike follows him everywhere and accompanies him on his great adventures, all over Ecuador, in which he has met many people, from all over the world. He currently also volunteers in a vegan restaurant.

Alex Benavides

Business & Tech – The Backpacker
Co-Founder of Quito Bike Tours Ecuadorian–Australian Alex heads our business strategy, digital presence and website. He's a tranquil and passionate human being; a traveller who respects people’s thinking, culture and their environment. Photography is the medium he uses to showcase the amazing and diverse world that we live in. Many of the photos on this site are his. He loves getting out of his comfort zone as this gives him a sense of achievement. “I love cycling, hiking, travelling, entrepreneurship, technology consulting, startups and capturing images/ videos around the globe.”

Ombretta Zanetti

Communications & PR – La Gringa
Co-Founder of Quito Bike Tours Adventure and life-loving traveller/ adventurer Ombretta, or Ombi, is the Aussie (Australian) in the team. She is passionate about life, helping people, doing good, being happy, making people laugh, being kind and good coffee! Oh, and travelling and experiencing different cultures! She started backpacking way back in the late 80s when it really wasn’t common to not be in the same job for 10 years or more! It didn’t feel right for her then and it doesn’t feel right for her now! She has always done things her way! Enter Quito Bike Tours, which she began with her Ecuadorian-born partner, Alex, who is also one of the co-founders. Her motto, "Life is for living!"

Fernando de la Torre

Operations & Bike Builder – Fulgur
Co-founder of Quito Bike Tours Born and bred in Quito, Fer is a bike-lover and activist who is passionate about mobility and sustainability. He is the operations powerhouse and official bike builder in the team. Our bikes look good and operate smoothly thanks to him ... he built them all! Fer has worked in the Galapagos Islands as a tour guide, is a graphic designer by profession (we can also thank him for our logo), speaks excellent English and used to be a a BMX champion. Fer started cycling at an early age and was thinking about bike paths when they were non-existent. Today he is a bicycle activist and is passionate about using his bike as a sustainable form of transportation.


Urban Cyclist – Super Pedal
Samuel is an avid cyclist. Jumping on a bike at an early age, he has always been fearless. Together with his parents (co-founders of Quito Bike Tours) he participates in many bike camping trips around Quito and cycles to school with his mum. We named him 'Super Pedal' because even at his young age he can climb steep hills and mountains easily. He can often be seen powering past the adults in the group. He also loves dogs and is an awesome hugger with amazing energy and positive vibes. Most possibly our favourite team member. 🙂

Andrea Baquero

Customer Experience – Fulgurita
Co-founder of Quito Bike Tours Fulgur (the bike shop that Andre owns and runs with Fer) means thunderbolt in Latin ... and Andre is our 'Fulgurita' or little thunderbolt! She may not be big but she's got everything under control! Born and bred in Quito she is passionate about Quito, mobility and sustainability. From accounts to organising our guides and volunteers to a top customer experience, Andre has it all covered. With a marketing background, top-notch English and Italian that is good enough to surprise even an Italian, she is an indispensable part of our team. We would be lost without her!

Work With Us

At Quito Bike Tours we value people and we respect their time! We don't expect anything for free! Working with Quito Bike Tours, you’ll get paid to learn new skills, develop your career, meet interesting people, have an experience that will be with you for the rest of your life and have the opportunity to showcase your amazing city to the world.

Join a team of bike enthusiasts, travellers and lovers of life. We are always on the lookout for fun and energetic Freelance Bicycle Tour Guides who enjoy working with a wide range of people from all walks of life.

If you think your skills and personality suit our company, send us an e-mail.

We will ONLY accept applicants who have an accredited National Guide’s License and a current First Aid Certificate.

Do you want to learn new skills or volunteer by helping out in the tours? Do you know about Social Media and publishing? Are you a cyclist, traveller, backpacker or a tourism graduate that needs practice? Any other amazing tricks you can do? Let us know and get in touch with us!

Contact us to see how we can work together.

No vacancies available at the moment.

No vacancies available at the moment.

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