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Urban bikes for the adventurer and explorer

Explore Quito on your own to discover the hidden gems this city has to offer. Feel the vibe of both the modern and historical towns whilst pedalling around different neighbourhoods, parks, gardens and markets. The bicycles have been custom built by us providing you with the best components and industry safety standards.
Quito Bike Rentals ... Ride On! Come take one for a spin.

Why rent a bike?

Custom built bikes from cyclist to cyclist… 

Custom-made Urban Bikes

Quality Urban Bikes built by Quito Bike Tours - FULGUR COTINGA frame - FULGUR COTINGA fork - 24-speed Shimano gears - Top-quality brakes and chains - Gel saddle - 25 pounds

Lock & Chain

Made by Fulgur - Custom-made lock & chain for your bike - Super-safe and strong - Quality controlled and tested

Bicycle Helmet

International certified helmet - Keeps you protected whilst on the road - Strong, durable, safe - Keeps you cool under Quito's sunny skies - Looks good ... well we think so!


Explore on your own or go with friends - Nothing beats the experience of cruising a city on a bike in your own time. - There are many places to visit in Quito; parks, museums, markets and much, much more.

Does this look like fun? Rent your bike today!

Bike Rental Prices

All prices are in USD dollars and Tax inclusive

4 Hour Rental
Half Day
  • Monday to Friday
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Lock & Chain
  • Safety Briefing
  • Pick-up time from:
9 Hour Rental
Full Day
  • Monday to Friday
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Lock & Chain
  • Safety Briefing
  • Pick-up time from:
24 Hour Rental
All Day
  • Monday to Friday
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Lock & Chain
  • Safety Briefing
  • Pick-up time from:
48 Hour Rental
Weekend/ 2 Days
  • Saturday to Monday
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Lock & Chain
  • Safety Briefing
  • Extra Day $20.00
  • Pick-up time From:
    9.30am – 12.00pm Saturday
  • Return time:
    9.30am Monday
64 Hour Rental
Long Weekend/ 3 Days
  • Friday to Monday
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Lock & Chain
  • Safety Briefing
  • Extra Day $20.00
  • Pickup time from:
    5.00pm – 6.00pm Friday
  • Return Time from:
    9.30am Monday
168 Hours Rental
Weekly/ 7 Days |
  • Monday to Saturday
  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Lock & Chain
  • Safety Briefing
  • Extra Day $20.00
  • Pick-up time from:
    9.30am Monday – 12.00pm Saturday
  • Return time from:
    168 hours from pick-up

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and we will get back to you as soon as posible.

Bike Rental Process

You can either book online or visit/call our store for availability. Then it's as simple as coming to our store and picking up your bike. Voilá!

Book online – COMING SOON!

  1. Select rental time
  2. Enter your contact details
  3. Accept the rental agreement
  4. Proceed to Pay
  5. Receive confirmation and instructions
  6. Collect (bike, helmet, vest, lights)
  7. A safety briefing will be provided
  8. Return your bike on time

Fill Form, Visit or Call us!

  1. Confirm availability
  2. Sign rental agreement
  3. Pay by credit card/ cash
  4. Pay cash at the store
  5. Provide a valid ID card or passport and a credit card for security
  6. Collect (bike, helmet, vest, lights)
  7. A safety briefing will be provided
  8. Return your bike on time


  1. Present booking & payment confirmation
  2. Provide a valid photo ID card or passport
  3. Pay the cash deposit as per agreement
  4. Collect (bike, helmet, vest, lights)
  5. A safety briefing will be provided
  6. Check your return time and date

Rental Agreement

Quito Bike Tours have put a lot of love and special touches into these bikes so that you can ride in comfort and style! So ... please love and look after your bike as much as we do. Enjoy the ride!

Your responsibilities:
– You are responsible for your safety at all times
– You have valid travel insurance or medical insurance
– You are responsible for looking after the bike and accessories
– You will return the bike and accessories on time and accept the extra charges for late returns
– You will check that you have everything you need before you leave the store
Terms and Conditions:
Stolen Bike If your bike is stolen please obtain a Police Report and give it to QBT. Your deposit will then be debited and credited to QBT.
Late returns You will be charged according to what time your bike is returned, and the extra amount will be debited from your deposit. A $20.00 dollar fee will be applied if the bike is not returned time.
Misplaced or lost accessories The loss of accessories will be charged at the following rates: lock $5.00, lock chain $35.00, helmet $35.00, lights $10.00.
Cancellations Fees Cancellations and credit card fees apply. > 100% refund if you cancel at least 48 hours before the starting time of your rental time. > NO REFUND for cancellations less than 48 hours before the start of your rental time. NOTE: All refunds will incur a 7% processing fee of the total amount of your rental.
Our Responsibilities:
– Every bike is thoroughly checked for your safety and enjoyment
– We will provide a safety briefing at the time of bicycle collection
– Quito Bike Tours will not be held liable if you are robbed or assaulted
– QBT will not be held liable if you have an accident, caused by either you or a third party
– Secure your bike at all times with the lock and chain provided
– Please use the helmet at all times

Pick-up Location

Madrid E13-30 y Valladolid, La Floresta, 170143, Quito – Ecuador

Group and Private Cycling Tours

“Amazing bikes, great and personalised service. I can not thank you enough for your customer care and for providing the best possible gear. Recommended."
“Quality service and great custom-made bikes. Quito Bike Tour rentals is a must if you want a great performing bicycle to move around Quito. Thank you guys!”

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Does this look like fun? Book a Tour today!
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