Quito Cultural City Tour by Bike

Quito Cultural Bike Tour

From $80/ person
4 hours Group & Private Tours Monday – Sunday

Quito Cultural City Tour by Bike

This is our left-of-centre tour. Discover local life on a bike as you pedal your way around to see art and experience culture. Chocolate tasting, history, street art, markets, parks and spectacular views await you.

  • Quito Central Area
  • 4 hour bike ride through La Floresta, Guapulo Alto, Mariscal Foch, Alameda
  • Ideal tour for people who want to see something other than ‘just’ the touristy parts of Quito
  • Cycle through verdant parks and experience amazing views of the city from some amazing vantage points
  • Sample local food, chocolate and juices
  • Small groups, limited to 10 people
  • Private and custom tours available

Cultural Bike Tour Prices

All prices are in USD & tax inclusive.
If you require a custom tour or need more information please contact us!

4 Hour Group Tour
10 People Max / Half Day
$80/ person
  • Departures
    Monday - Sunday
    Monday - Saturday
  • 24-speed Urban Bicycle
  • Safety-Certified Helmet
  • Bicycle chain, lock and key
  • Safety vest
  • Professional bilingual guide
    (English/ Spanish)
  • Max 10 People
  • Entry Fees
  • Quito Central Area
4 Hour Private Tour
Private Tours / Half Day
  • Departures
    Monday - Sunday
    Monday - Saturday
  • 24-speed Urban Bicycle
  • Safety-Certified Helmet
  • Bicycle chain, lock and key
  • Safety vest
  • Professional bilingual guide
    (English/ Spanish)
  • Private Just for you and friends
  • Entry Fees
  • Quito Central Area
  • 5 + passengers @ $95.00
4 Hour Private Tour
1 Person / Half Day
$105/ person
  • Departures
    Monday - Sunday
    Monday - Saturday
  • 24-speed Urban Bicycle
  • Safety-Certified Helmet
  • Bicycle chain, lock and key
  • Safety vest
  • Professional bilingual guide
    (English/ Spanish)
  • 1 person
  • Entry Fees
  • Quito Central Area

Do you prefer a personalised tour?
Go ahead and tell us how we can make your experience awesome!

What is Included, Not Included and What to bring

Read carefully and if you have any questions please contact us!

  • Quito Bike Tours urban bicycle (Fulgur ‘Cotinga’, 24-speed)
  • Safety-certified helmet
  • Bicycle chain, lock and key
  • Safety vest
  • Licensed, local, professional bilingual guide (English/ Spanish)
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Meals
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Water.  Say what? Water!  No, we aren’t being tight. As a company who values sustainability and not plastic, we ask that each participant bring their own bottle (hopefully reusable).  We promise that we will make it up to you in other ways!
  • Tips (optional and with absolutely no pressure).  We are not a free tour and you can be sure that we pay our guides properly.  However, if you wish to tip your guide you can absolutely do so. You can also be assured that not one cent (and that’s the way we want it!) will go to the company. Whatever you wish to give to your guide goes 100% to him or her!
  • ID (original or copy)
  • Rain jacket
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Bandana
  • Sunblock
  • Money, including small change
  • A backpack … if you want to buy or store stuff
  • A great altitude! Oops sorry, attitude!
  • WATER!  In our quest to help save our planet, we advise you to bring your own water or water bottle.

IMPORTANT Information:

  • Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of the tour so that we can leave on time.
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking.
  • Please read our Refund Policy, under FAQs.
  • Keep in mind that Quito is 2867 metres above sea level. Although this is an easy ride, give yourself at the very least, one day to acclimatise.
  • It is imperative that you have current travel insurance including personal medical insurance. If you do not, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will Quito Bike Tours be held responsible for any injuries incurred.
  • Please inform us of any known medical conditions you have.
  • We are happy to answer any questions that you may have but please check our FAQs first, to make sure that it has not already been answered.

NOTE: Quito Bike Tours reserves the right to change the itinerary without previous notifications due to unforeseen circumstances or weather.

Custom-made Urban Bikes

Quality Urban Bikes built by Quito Bike Tours - FULGUR 'Cotinga' frame - FULGUR 'Cotinga' fork - 24-speed Shimano gears - Top-quality brakes and chains - Gel saddle - 25 pounds

Bicycle Helmets

Yes, they are internationally certified! - Keeps you protected whilst on the road - Strong, durable, safe - Keeps you cool under Quito's sunny skies - Looks good ... well we think so!

Lock & Chain

Made by Fulgur - Custom-made lock & chain for your bike - Super-safe and strong - Quality controlled and tested

Tour Guides

Passionate People who love what they do - Licensed professional bilingual guide (English/ Spanish) - Urban cyclist - Skilled in bike mechanics - Knowledge & insight of history and culture - First Aid trained and certified

Riding Style

Urban City – Easy Ride - Skill Level: Easy - Distance: 13.5kms/ 8.5 miles - Altitude: 2862 metres above sea level - Maximum climb: Two easy hills (elevation 100 metres) - 90% Bike Paths: Experience the highest capital on Earth on a bike


Safety first ... always! - Be seen by wearing a safety vest - Night lights - Safety briefing - Bike fitting

Trip Itinerary

Explore La Floresta, Guápulo Alto, Mariscal, Alameda Park and much, much more!

Departure – Ochoymedio, La Floresta
We start from the iconic Ochoymedio Arthouse Cinema. We take a look at the amazing street art around La Floresta as well as tell you about some of the artists who painted them. We also taste some pretty awesome chocolate.
La Floresta and Guapulo
We visit a great lookout and hang out with some of the locals. This is a really interesting and not very frequented part of Quito. It’s definitely a hidden gem!
La Mariscal, El Ejido
We visit some interesting parks, get to see the local culture as well as the hub of activity that is the Mariscal area, and visit a special handicrafts market (one where you can meet the actual artisans who make their products). We also visit an iconic fruit and veggie market, showing you how the ‘real people’ live, shop and eat.
Alameda Park and local life
We visit the oldest park in Quito (and in Ecuador) giving you some fascinating historical insights. You will see the oldest astronomical observatory in Ecuador. Some other interesting places await you too!
Return to La Floresta
Making our way past an impressive 50-metre tall mural, we finish our tour at La Cleta Bici Cafe located in La Floresta, only a block from where we started. Upon arrival, the café will give you a FREE drink and a snack, as well as offer you 10% off all food!

Tour Starting Point

“Amazing tour, great food, sights and awesome guides. We had an amazing time. Small group, but easily accommodated by Quito Bike Tours. The atmosphere was amazing, the weather was perfect, and the sights were beautiful.”
Ali Robson
Adventurer - NYC
“Interesting places, culture, markets street art, food taste, sights and guides. We had great time on tour with my family. Quito is much more and very different when you bike and you can access different areas very quick. Lots of fun!"
Marco Zurita
Traveller - Sao Paulo
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